Hadara-AdSimul-Red is a workflow nets reduction tool preserving generalised soundness.
It features a web interface to demonstrate its application.

Click-and-Reduce Showcase

Reduce workflow nets in a few clicks!
Simply upload your workflow nets, then click on reduce and Hadara-AdSimul-Red will reduce the selected workflow net and displays the results.
Several workflow nets examples are provided.

Generalised Soundness Feedback

Upon reduction, the considered workflow net can be reduced to the atomic workflow net. If it does so, then the considered workflow net is generalised sound. Otherwise, valuable diagnostic information in the form of a reduced workflow net are obtained.

Open Source

This tool, called Hadara-AdSimul-Red, is part of a dedicated open source tool suite, called Hadara-AdSimul. It can be integrated with ease as a pre-processing step towards the application of third-party complete generalised soundness procedures.

Hadara-AdSimu-Red Online Demo By LoW
CeCILL license